Best described as Willis' long time friend and companion whom had grown up with Willis since when he was just a boy.

He was born in the village of Raelle and is one of Daphne's first friends and, eventually, he is her only family (though not blood related). He loves her dearly and is plagued by flashbacks and thoughts of guilt in regards to her sacrifice. Being born of the village, he understands the people's grief, but in time spent with Daphne, he gained something much more valuable than the original teachings of Raelle.

Originally, as an outsider to the village, she came there via a traveling troupe. Upon meeting Willis for the first time, she decided to see what this village had for her. She's a very warm, open-minded, and independent individual whose main job in the troupe had been to tell stories of the troupe’s travels. Through her stories she illuminates places beyond Raelle.